The Samaya
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유형데일리 신문
웹사이트사마야 웹 포털
무료 온라인 아카이브사마야 서간

사마야는 1996년 부바네스와르에서 처음 발행된 일간지다. 편집자는 S였다. Hota와 출판사 Ranjib Biswal.[1][2]


  1. ^ R.K.Mahapatra (2004), "Growth and Development of Press in Orissa" (PDF), Orissa Review
  2. ^ Vir Bala Aggarwal, ed. (2002). Media and Society: Challenges and Opportunities. New Delhi: Concept. p. 151. ISBN 8170229960. A recent addition to the colour daily newspaper scene of Orissa is the Samaya, again published by Sri Ranjib Biswal, former Member of Parliament and son of Sri Basanta Kumar Biswal, a political heavy weight in the State of Orissa.